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The short story: Law-grad turned creative who hates writing bio's.

The long story: A bio...


Natasha Arancini is a natural born actor, having had a flair for the dramatic ever since she was yanked from the womb exclaiming ‘to be or not to be.’

Her dreadful sense of direction led her to take a rather expensive detour through a Law/Commerce degree on her way to the world of acting. Since graduating (and getting her bearings), Natasha moved to London to pursue acting full time. She has trained extensively across the USA, UK and Australia (Howard Fine, Beverly Hills Playhouse, The Second City, etc) and continues to take class weekly. A ballet teacher once likened her quest to absorb knowledge to a sponge.

Her on-screen work consists of a collection of feature film, short film, web and TV series. Most recently she appeared in Empire Studios' 'Lizard Man,' and Bamyasi Media’s ‘Monkey Man,’ but she equally loves taking to the stage in a well crafted play. Her on-screen work also includes commercials for brands such as Afterpay, Yoplait, Lovehoney and Qantas. Natasha also chose to spend time learning the ins and outs of various behind camera roles with the aim of not only improving her screen craft, but producing her own work. She can now often be found operating cameras, running sound, lighting scenes, writing scripts, in the editing lair or sourcing costumes. And to top it all off she decided becoming a licensed drone pilot would be good fun as well.

When she isn't on set, she can be found locked away in her voice lair (somewhat resembling a troll doll) working for brands like Google, BMW, Microsoft and Nike, or creating weird and wonderful characters. 

She is sassy, energetic, often gets labelled ‘assertive’ (whether that is good or bad is yet to be determined), and has a signature red mane which can inflate to sizes well beyond what Hagrid could have ever dreamed. She loves to learn and get involved, helping out on a project in whatever way she can.